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Ordinary Women... Make a Difference! A Women's Group... For Women, About Women, From Women

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Ordinary Women

Life isn’t about finding yourself - it’s about creating yourself!

Through the power of God!


Our Why

Ordinary Women is organized exclusively for charitable, educational purposes, more specifically to connect women to their full potential, to have every woman be able to determine what drives them to do what they do.  To understand how to take their drive and set a goal to it and determine a plan to follow to achieve their goal and be able to visualize their goal is completeness.  To ignite their passion about whom they are and what they have to give.  The mission of Ordinary Women is to bring together women in the public and private sector along with non-profit communities, government entities and faith-based organizations to connect with each other and assist them on their road to success.

For Women, About Women, From Women who:
Have ‘walked the talk” and found that they are worthy and have something to share.


Our How 

  1. Through monthly meetings we will build relationships and support for one another and our choices for the paths we chose to walk.

  2. Through the development of peer groups we intend to support the commonness and differences in women.  Also the peer groups will support the differences in likes and dislikes and different career choices.

  3. Through monthly networking opportunities we will promote the different businesses owned by members. We will assist members through the monthly networking meetings to obtain referrals from each other and build their business.

  4. We will develop opportunities to raise money to support and assist our local community charities to flourish.

  5. We will publish Educational Topics and Tips in a Newsletter

  6. We will offer member to member discounts for services from members

  7. Conferences/Conventions will be held to educate on issues that affect women in society.  To  reach out to more women in the community

  8. Coaching and Leadership Training will be available for women of all race, economical standing and religious beliefs. 

It's what we do that is extraordinary!

We are open to all cities, communities & organizations – and we are Faith based!



Peg Tobin, CEO
Peg Tobin, Founder

Top 3 Reasons
Women Like You Reach Your Full Potential

1.  You overcome your fear

2.  You believe you are worthy to be given an opportunity

3.  You Receive...

• Positive direction
• Effective tools
• Wise development




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