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Welcome to 100+ Women Who Care of Fairfield County!

We invite you to become part of this powerful group to have a positive impact on those in need here in Fairfield County, without the time-consuming effort we all associate with fundraising. (Yes, it IS possible!) We hope you will join us at our next meeting to see how easy and fun it is! 



Our Mission

  • Our mission is to have a significant impact on our local community by raising dollars in an efficient, stress-free manner, with no overhead, and no administrative costs.
  • It will be accomplished by recruiting 100+ women who support the organization by commiting to a $100 donation four times a year. The donation will go to a local charity which is voted on by the membership. All charities and organizations eligible for consideration must be a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, and must serve the Fairfield County community.  


This project is for you if:

  • You don’t have time in your busy life to volunteer but have been wanting to help those in need, and you can commit to one hour every three months.

  • You are involved with other groups but also see the potential in this idea and are interested in adding it to your charitable efforts.

  • You want 100% of your donations to go directly to a local charity.

  • You want your $100 donation to become a part of a larger amount of money by joining together with other women—creating a powerful impact in our local area.

Our Partner


Here is how it works:


We meet on the second Tuesday of February, May, August, and November and each bring a check for $100. We invite you to attend any time as a guest to see how it works and decide if the group is right for you.

  1. Every member can nominate local charities, non-profits, or worthy causes, whose names are then put into a bucket. 

  2. Three names are drawn at random at each meeting

  3. A 100+ Women Who Care member makes a short presentation about each cause

  4. We all vote on which cause to support.

The top vote-getting charity then receives all the checks, made out to them on the spot!  

On each of four nights during the year, these 100+ Women Who Care give up to $10,000 to a local charity, non-profit, or worthy cause, right here in the Fairfield County community. It's fast, simple, and amazingly effective.





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