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Pearls of Wisdom


1.  Dream Loud.

2.  Our actions define us louder than our words.

3.  An honest friend is a saving’s account for your emotions.  

4.  Darkness will come in one’s life, how long it stays is up to you.

5.  Wisdom is knowing to listen to the unspoken word.

6.  Your mind is a canvas and today’s thoughts will paint your tomorrow.

7.  Knowledge gives us a platform to stand more securely.

8.  Read to a man and you control his knowledge, teach a man to read and he can select his own library.

 9.  The secret of giving is in the knowing of the heart.

10. You spend a lifetime learning and an eternity owning your choices.  Make the trip a good one!





Our Four Seasons


Summer Spring
We are born and are dependent. Our buds start to bloom... we blend together making a solid, sturdy color that gives out a georgeous briliance.
Spring Summer
We are bright and flowers bloom and our plants are exciting... we yield a more intense beauty... we plant seeds for the future. For a season we are busy and bright and exciting... but soon the season is over and the brilliance is gone and we are no longer center stage.
Fall Fall
Our seeds come to harvest... our true colors come forth... we have definition. When you look at us and the trees and plants together, colors define us and we stand apart. We add a different beauty and come into our own person
Winter Winter
We shed our blossoms and natural colors of youth... Our leaves fall. Our underneath is exposed and the strength of our roots are revealed. The snow lights up our face... Our seeds have come to fruition. We are comfortable in who we have become.


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